More for Less

In order to minimize the cost of games, BetterGames Brasil offers the purchase of Games at wholesale or (if the customer prefers) there is also an option to purchase Games at retail (less quantity = higher cost per unit). So it works for both physical games and digital games.

Our most comprehensive stock is digital games. Our range of options is infinitely greater. And when we mention being countless, we treat it seriously. There are hundreds of options available for Xbox 360, Xbox One, Playstation 4, PC and Nintendo Switch.

Renting or buying at BetterGames Brasil you have the option of taking 1 game at a certain cost or (for example) 3 games at a much lower cost compared to buying the 3 units on different dates individually. And this also applies to catalogs with Hundreds of Games, this in turn allows each game in the catalog with Hundreds of Games (entitled Digital Unlocking) to cost up to less than R $ 2.99 a unit.

And it's okay if you prefer to keep paying a lot in a single game. We only ask that you do not speak ill of our prices and products without first knowing. Because we offer tasting (cost R $ 0) and rent at a very cheap cost for you to try our service and products up close and receive some of the numerous benefits that BetterGames customers receive. We mention all the benefits in the Be More tab.

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