Your Health First

Concerned about the problem caused by the blue light emitted by strong and vibrant colors and not knowing the technology used in its smartphone, tablet or monitor, BetterGames chose to prepare the main tabs of the site with dark themes, in black and gray scales in its the vast majority, in order to minimize the impact on our customers' sight.

This concern should not only be present for adults, but also for children, since the habit of using smartphones, tablets, TVs and PCs is increasingly present in people's lives due to the evolution of technology and the cost of electronics more and more reduced.

The pandemic has locked many people at home for long periods. And the lack of vitamin D received from the sun and some foods quickly causes these people to have their eyesight impaired. With that in mind, BetterGames has taken steps to not make excessive use of colors harmful to health.

Decrease the brightness of your phone, monitor, TV. Use blue light filter where you can and can. Whether in the browser, on the smart phone, in the app, wherever you are within reach.

This is information. Don't keep it to yourself. Pass it on!